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June 9 – 11,  2006 

Bear Activities: Play games, talk, read, relax, and meet people / Daily Indoor pool parties / Hot tub anytime / Potluck diner meals Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday brunch / Fri. Movie on 10 ft screen / Sat. Group Fire circle


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The Extra Bear Campout is a Northwest Bear SIG Event by Organizer, Jonathan Jones.

All are welcome; you do not need to be a Northwest Bear member. However, you are welcome to join up!


Main info:

Held at The Longhouse, in Redmond, WA. A natural, wetland, private space 4.8 miles from Redmond


25 tent camping sites. (Tents only. First 25 tents only, then we are full!) 


$ 50 bucks per person for the weekend !!!. Note: Same price for one or two nights.


WHY:     Just for the fun of it! Enjoy a relaxed setting in a private wetland nature area. Play games, talk, read, swim, and meet people.


TO REGISTER: see next page to get a registration form.

Must have full payments with a signed waver, per person, to reserve your spot. Pre-registration only. Please NO walk in or ‘visitors’.




  • FRIDAY:  12 noon on to arrive.  /  5 pm to 7 pm Indoor pool party.  /  7 pm Potluck and Movie on 10' screen!
  • SATURDAY: 1 pm to 4 pm Indoor pool party.  /  6 pm Potluck : set up at kitchen / After dark, Group Fire circle
  • SUNDAY: 11 am Brunch : set up at kitchen / 12 pm to 2 pm pool again.  /  4 pm start to pack up. Out by 6 pm.


INFO. more that you want to know! :

  • Three indoor heated pool parties !!! One each day !!!
  • Out door hot tub !!! Open 24 hours !!! 12 feet wide !!!
  • Two Out door Showers !!! Yes, hot and cold !!! NO shower walls! Swim suit or naked showering is fine.
  • Kitchen shelter !!! 15 x 12 Covered cooking area with a grill and Hot and Cold tap water !!!
  • Water on Tap at two locations !!!
  • Potluck diner meals Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday brunch
  • Albertson Store is across the street
  • Very private location. No neighbors in sight.
  • Large Fire pit circle. We provide fire wood. Please everyone bring some in for all to use; stack by fire pit.


NOTE: NO pictures at either pool areas or of shower area so people feel comfortable with being clothing optional to bath or swim.

10 pm to 9 am quiet time (loud,  loud sounds travels to neighbor. Regular noise does not) Low music and Musical instrument are fine. Be respectful, we will be to close together.

NO Pets. Sorry The Longhouse site rules.


POOL AND HOT TUB:  Clothing optional.   

  • NO sex in any pool and shower areas; The Longhouse site rules. :) That's why you have a tent.
  • Indoor Pool on scheduled times only. No glass and must shower first.
  • Large Hot tub is a small above ground pool with a hot water heater.  Open 24 hours! Be clean or shower first.


Daily POTLUCKS:  per person, bring one item that will feed 5-6 people.Chips don’t count.


FOOD: You are responsible for all your food !!!

At only $50 per person we can’t provide any.

  • Water is on tap at Kitchen shelter, for your site convenience bring some for your site.
  • Camping stove in your tent area are fine.
  • Albertson Store is right there for extra needs. Store does have a deli department.

BATHROOM:  One covered bathroom with four separate stalls. ( ‘Peeing’ in the woods is encouraged to help the tank)


LOCATION: Private owned site, across from the Albertsons store on Redmond / Fall City Road by 236th Ave NE Welcoming and excepting of All, including Gays. This is our second year and the site is used by SML and The Wet Spot, etc.


SITES:  Tents only. RE: Ground is to soft for trailers. 

  • First 25 tents only then we are full!  Pre-registration only
  • I don’t care how many sleep in a tent J I’m counting tents spaces, not people. Buddy up!!!
  • NO prearranged site spots !! First come basis. 
  • Fires: open fires at fire circle only. Camping stoves are fine by tent, but not under trees.