Registration for Extra Bear Campout June 9 - 11, 06

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To Register for this years Extra Bear Campout, click on the link below to download the Registration Form in MSWord Format. 


Simply Print the Form, Fill it out completely, and mail to the address on the bottom of the form.  You will receive a confirmation from us once youre Registration Form and payment has been processed.


If you do not have MSWord, or cannot print this form, email us with your name and address for a Registration Packet  and we will send you one in the mail. Questions? E-mail me at Jonathanwa@usa.net



Please remember ---- Any Registration Form received

Without payment enclosed can not be accepted. 

click here to download file

Extra Bear Campout Registration

June 9 – 11,  2006  


At The Longhouse, in Redmond, WA. A private natural wetland space 4.8 miles from Redmond


25 tent camping sites. (Tents only. First 25 tents only, then we are full!) 


$ 50 bucks per person for the weekend !!!. Note: Same price for one or two nights.


WHY:            Just for the fun of it, in a private nature area, in a relaxed setting. Play games, talk, read, swim, and meet people.



                FRIDAY:                12 noon on to arrive.  /  5 pm to 7 pm Indoor pool party.  /  7 pm Potluck and Movie (pre-made food)

                SATURDAY:           1 pm to 4 pm Indoor pool party.  /  6 pm Potluck : set up at kitchen / After dark, Group Fire circle

                SUNDAY:                11 am Brunch : set up at kitchen / 12 pm to 2 pm pool again.  /  4 pm start to pack up. Out by 6 pm.



Three heated indoor pool parties !!! One each day !!!

Out door hot tub !!! Open 24 hours !!! 12 feet wide !!!

Showers !!! Yes, hot and cold !!!

Kitchen shelter !!! 15 x 12 Covered cooking area with a grill and Hot and Cold tap water !!!

Water on Tap at two locations !!!

Potluck diner meals Friday and Saturday nights Brunch on Sunday

Albertson Store is across the street

Very private location. No neighbors in sight.

Large Fire pit circle. We provide fire wood. Please everyone bring some in for all to use; stack by fire pit.


Northwest Bear SIG Event   Organizer, Jonathan Jones  

All are welcome and open to Bears and Bear Lovers; you do not need to be a Northwest Bear member. However, we will see if you would like to join up!



Tents only. First 25 tents only then we are full!  Pre-registration only

NO prearranged site spots !! First come to set up basis.

I don’t care how many sleep in a tent J I’m counting tents for space, not people. Buddy up!!!

Fires: open fires at fire circle only. Camping stoves are fine by tent, but not under trees.


A few reminders about Group Camping:

  • This is a camping weekend; There is no electricity. But there is tap water! However, bring some h2o in because you may not walk to the Kitchen every time.
  • The only duties campers will be assigned throughout the weekend are to clean up after yourself and others.  We have three potlucks that everyone needs to help clean up.  Many hands make light work!
  • There are 25 camp sites of varying sizes.  No RVs or tent camper. To heavy for the wetlands.
  • NO pictures at either pool areas or of shower area so people feel comfortable with being clothing optional.
  • 10 pm to 9 am quiet time (loud,  loud sounds travels to neighbor. Regular noise does not. Low music and Musical instrument are fine. Be respectful, we will be to close together.
  • NO PETS (with the exception of service animals) are allowed on site Due to allergy and wildlife concerns.



ALL are welcome to the potluck dinners. HOWEVER, only if you, per person, bring one item that will feed 5-6 people. Chips don’t count.



You are responsible for all your food !!! At only $50 per person we can’t provide any. Water is on tap at Kitchen shelter, for your site convince bring some for your site. Camping stove are per tent area are fine.

Albertson Store is right there for extra needs. Store does have a deli department.


POOL AND HOT TUB:  Clothing optional.

NO sex in any pool and shower areas; The Longhouse site rules. Again, no pictures here.

Heated Indoor Pool on scheduled times only. No smoking, glass or communicable diseases and must shower first.

Large Hot tub is a small above ground pool with a hot water heater.  Open 24 hours! Be clean or shower first. The heated indoor pool and hot tub are clothing-optional spaces (which does mean optional - clothes or no clothes, it's all good).



Two Out door showers heads are connected to a hot water tank. NO shower walls! Swim suit or naked showering is fine. [remember no sex under shower either – besides, it takes to much hot water!]



One covered bathroom with four separate stalls. ( ‘Peeing’ in the woods is encouraged to help the tank )



About The Longhouse:


LOCATION: 23301 NE Redmond-Fall City Rd, Redmond 98053

Across from the Albertson Store on Redmond / Fall City Road by 236th Ave NE


Our event is held at the Longhouse, a wonderful private site. Welcoming and excepting of All including the local Pagan community, GBLT communities and organizations such as The Wet Spot and the SML. Featuring versatile indoor space for ritual and lounging, an outdoor stone circle for ritual use, heated pool, hot tub, and beautiful natural wetlands.

Directions:   go to mapquest.com   23301 NE Redmond Fall City Rd

Take 520 eastbound to the Redmond Way/Fall City (WA 202) exit. Turn right at the light at the end of the off ramp. Go approximately 5 miles on Redmond-Fall City Road. At mile marker 12, slow down and turn into the second driveway on the right, 23301 (directly across from Guardwell Storage). If you pass Albertson's, you have gone about 100 yards too far. When you first pull into the drive you should immediately see a large wooden sign that says The Longhouse, if you don't you are in the neighbors' drive.

A Note on Parking and Carpooling:
There is limited parking at this site, so please carpool if at all possible.




Full payments with a signed waver, per person. Pre-registration only. Please NO walk in or ‘visitors’. Any person who is not registered is not authorized to be on the camp grounds during this event. Cancellation Policy – Any cancellation must be received 10 days PRIOR to the opening day of camp, to be eligible for a refund. No-shows can not receive a refund.



This is an extra SIG event sponsored by the Northwest Bears, a social group primarily operated for the enjoyment of gay men of a hirsute nature, their friends and admirers in the Pacific Northwest.


Method of Payment: Make checks or Money order payable to “Jonathan Jones” also write a note that it is for “Extra Bear Campout”


Check #________________  Amount ___________________________


Payment for another attendee named:_______________________________________________________        


OR Payment for me is paid by :____________________________________________________________





Release of Liability

I fully understand and accept any rules and regulations for this event. The Signatures below do by their presence release the Northwest Bears, the Board of Directors of the Northwest Bears, Extra Bear Campout, the membership at large and the owner of the property on which Extra Bear Campout is held, from any liability either stated or implied during the course of events at the camp out on June 9-11, 2006. Any party involved in the preparation or undertaking of this event other than those stated above (e.g. facility lessor, or person(s) donating equipment or supplies) shall also be released from liability.

Every member in your group must sign this form.

Persons who do not sign this form will be prevented from attending Extra Bear Campout.

Signature_____________________________ Printed Name:_____________________Date: ______________

Signature_____________________________ Printed Name______________________Date: ______________

Signature: ____________________________ Printed Name:_____________________Date: ______________

Signature: ____________________________ Printed Name: ____________________ Date: ______________

Signature: ____________________________ Printed Name:_____________________Date: ______________


Rules for Extra Bear Campout

This release also confirms knowledge of and consent to abide by Campout rules and requests, including:

1.  Only safe and sane activities are permitted at Extra Bear Campout.

2.   Participants must be at least 21 years of age. Participants must abide by Club and Extra Bear Campout rules and must sign this release of liability.

3.  Any participant that arrives at Extra Bear Campout in an intoxicated state will be refused entrance. Participant’s signature also authorizes the organizer to remove any person for non-compliance with the rules and regulations of Extra Bear Campout. The organizer is also authorized to detain intoxicated persons until such persons can safely operate a motor vehicle.

4.  Use or Possession of Illegal substances in prohibited.

5.  Participants are urged to follow safer sex guidelines.

6.  Please use butt cans for extinguishing and discarding cigarettes. (Smokey is here, if only in spirit)

7.  Campers are responsible for their own trash, please put all your trash in bags and deposit in the camp containers before you leave. No trash can be left in campsites or at the only fire pit. Remember if it wasn’t there when you arrived don’t leave it and if it’s not ash it’s trash.

8.  Failure to dean your camp site may result in you not being allowed to attend future Extra Bear Campout events.

9.  Do not throw cans or bottles into fire pit or toilet facilities or the wetlands.

10. Nudity is permitted with exception of meal time in the common area.

11. No firearms or fireworks are permitted at The Longhouse.

12. No pets allowed.

13. Please keep the noise level down after 10:00 pm till 9 am.

14. Although we do not prohibit photography, we encourage persons taking photographs to ask permission before taking pictures of others. We also ask that any web posting of photos be appropriately password protected as a courtesy to members and guests of the Northwest Bears and Extra Bear Campout.


Return this SIGNED form with payment to:


Jonathan Jones

Attn: Extra Bear Campout

11512 SE  254th PL

Kent, WA, 98030


Questions or comments...

please call 253-854-7454 Daytime or early evening only or email jonathanwa@usa.net


We look forward to seeing you there,


Jonathan Jones


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