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Jonathan's Karaoke

Me as a KJ (Karaoke Jockie) Here is what I like and was trained to do.

Interact with the audience and the singer. Always encourage applauds for every singer! If needed help a singer with melody or starting key. Have singers only sing a solo once in a rotation so that it is fair for everyone – that includes the Host whom only sings at the start of the rotation. Then mix in new singer every one or two repeat singers. Announce Bar/Club specials, their events plus trivia to have the show be fun, new and informative. In-between the singers play themed background music to not have ‘dead air’.  Try to have music at the right volume to complement the singer but not too loud to overpower the audience so all can have an enjoyable time!

Unique to my show: Besides having a handpicked multi-generational updated song selection, a huge showtunes selection (Broadway, movies, TV, Disney, etc.), and occasional group sing along, I have ‘THEME SONG NIGHTS’. This keeps the show fresh, interesting and keeps customers coming back! EX: Pop, Boy Bands, Tactless Toons, Country, Rock & Roll, Diva’s, Showtunes, Motown, Standards & Jazz, Movies and Bond, Women or Men songs, Heavy Metal, Folk, Roll of the Dice, Sci Fi, Pride, New Songs, Anything Goes, Todays Hits, Halloween to Christmas and other Holidays, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc.

Equipment is always important I’m completely mobile with an organized Karaoke Book that has 16,000+ songs. That is 900+ disks. The Book song selection is updated with many genres of music listed by Title and Artist and a large selection just for showtunes.  I try to have the best tracks that sound like the original artist's band. While primarily English songs the book includes non-english songs from Italian, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Hebrew and even some traditional Jewish Wedding songs!

Sound system is top quality speakers with professional Shure Beta A mics (up to four mics with a wireless), Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb/Effects processor and BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer to make you sound great! I bring a TV monitor & stand plus have a DVD karaoke player that  can plug in TV signal to your Monitors and TV’s. All to create a complete excellent sounding fun show. 

Karaoke Means? (Properly pronounced "car-ah-oh-kay") is Japanese for "empty orchestra". It started with the Japanese in the 1970's. But Americans have been doing a type of Karaoke since the '50's, when they sang along with Mitch Miller and his bouncing ball!

Karaoke Today All you do is supply the lead vocal and sing as the lyrics on the TV screen change color with the timing of the music. Karaoke music and videos are played through a Karaoke system using either CDG's (Compact Disk Graphics), VCD (Video Compact Disk), LD (Laser Video Discs), DVD (Digital Versatile Disk), and more recently MP4’s on laptops. The music is usually produced similar to the version on the original recording, most the time with back-up vocals but are rarely the original group.

Karaoke is everywhere and for everyone. It is very popular in all parts of the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as all over Europe and Asia. Most good KJ's will have songs that go from traditional standards to today's most recent Pop & County hits.

Those who have fun with it, just stay to make friends, eat and drink while listening and singing to relax and forget about everything except having fun.

I say, "It's just Karaoke. It's not supposed to be perfect, as long as you are having FUN you are doing karaoke right!"

Wither watching or singing, don't take it to seriously. Just get lost in the music, forget about your problems, maybe gain some self-confidence and bask in the spotlight for a while (Karaoke Therapy).

Overall . . . if people relax, be courteous, be patient, show appreciation to those who sing, and most of all enjoy themselves, Karaoke will entertain them for years to come.

Whether you’re singing or just enjoy listening, I hope you have a great time!

My best,


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