2011 Bear Boot Camp

Bear-racks: Den-Sweet-Den


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Dormitory 202: The Bear Barracks

The dormitories provide comfortable, spacious accommodations, either with the privacy of individual rooms or the openness of 4 to 10 person large sleeping bays. In addition to the sleeping rooms, the dorm has large meeting areas in which groups may gather. The are four restroom facilities with a large shower room in each.  Toilets are private stalls. Showers are single room open poll type or single room open wall shower heads like that are found in public pools.

The dorm first floor is accessible by those who are physically challenged. Check out time Sunday is firm - 11am. A half-day's fee per person will be added for late check-outs. A full day fee per person will be charged after 2 p.m. 


All buildings are designed as non-smoking areas of anything. No open flames or candles (Christmas type lights or rope lighting are fine). 



Our dorm/barrack is again #202. There are bunk rooms with single bunk beds that sleep 4 to 10 people.   On the first floor there are many single rooms  that are reserved for people that need electricity for CPAP machines. The single rooms have one single bed in them but room for a queen air mattress.


NOTE: Couples can put mattresses together (in some rooms) or bring a queen size air mattress.


NOTE:  After midnight the First floor is a quiet sound area, and the second floor is medium sound area. Please keep this in mind when signing up for a room.


The small rooms (DW 2 14 and DW 16 28) on the ground floor have electrical outlet by the bed, if you need for any electrical sleeping needs (CPAP). Also most group  rooms (4 to 10 people) have a single electrical outlet. 


PLEASE NOTE: Single rooms on the first floor are first given to Bear(s) needing a CPAP (must be a written request here in the special need section). There are no single rooms on the second floor. After registration closes, then I will give out extra (if any) single rooms left based on “a first asked for” basis. If you do not a have a CPAP and you ask for a single room, I need to have an alternate bunk preference from you and if you need a bottom ... bunk or can do or want a top ... bunk.



You will need to pick your room number and your sleeping preference: group room with a top or bottom bunk or a single room (one bed - no bunk or bring a queen size air mattress for room floor).


Room assignments:


The building is split into four sections.

  • DW = Down West (1st floor)
  • DE  = Down East   (1st floor)
  • UW = Upper West (2nd floor)
  • UE  = Upper East   (2nd floor)

 (*) = number of Bears per room



Ground floor 202 dorm sections are mostly rooms with a single bed, door and electrical. There is also an eight person bunk room per ground floor section - Rooms 1 and 15 on map.


Second floor 202 dorm sections have 21 bunk beds; in either four, eight, and ten person rooms. EX. <4>, <8>, <10>.  These are single beds with top and bottom bunks.


Please note that some of the rooms DO NOT

have sound proof walls!


Bear Boot Camp is for enjoyment only by men 21 and older into Bears, and is not meant for S&M or hard core military scene. Harmful or degrading behavior is NOT allowed or tolerated.

Bear Boot Camp reserves the right to refuse registrations and entry.


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